Makrolite 4K UHD Digital Microscope Vision Engineering

Makrolite 4K UHD Digital Microscope Vision Engineering

Exceptional Quality Imaging

Technical Specifications

The Makrolite 4K digital microscope simplifies your visual inspection, image capture and measurement tasks with the exceptional quality of Ultra High Definition image resolution.



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 4K Ultra HD for Inspection

The Makrolite 4K digital microscope simplifies your visual inspection, image capture and measurement tasks with the exceptional quality of Ultra High Definition image resolution.


Outstanding image detail

Makrolite 4K offers inspection, magnification, measurement and capture with 4K resolution (4x greater than Full HD) and a 20:1 optical zoom. The result is exceptional image quality, showing finer details of the subject and improving productivity.


Sharp real-time 4K video

Makrolite 4K provides live, sharp, high-definition video images in Ultra HD and up to 330x magnification for, real-time viewing or data sharing. Stream or record live 4K video via your computer to share information or as a teaching/training tool.


Quick and easy to use

Rapidly interchangeable objectives and ergonomic console control help to increase productivity.


Ultimate control and simplicity

Manual or autofocus and four user programmable pre-sets allow quick and efficient operation and ensure consistency between operators and across multiple systems.


Stand alone or PC based systems

Choose Makrolite 4K as either a stand-alone system operated using a console, or as a PC system with software camera control and annotation/measurement capability.


Ideal for challenging subjects

Makrolite 4K’s wide dynamic range is ideally suited for inspection of subjects that are highly reflective such as electro-polished finishes and solder joints, and subjects where details are often lost in areas of shadow, highlights or poor contrast such as black plastics and ceramics.


Fast defect detection

Live image overlay comparison provides a reliable and efficient way to save time in carrying out routine or recurring inspection tasks to defined standards. CAD file import acts as a simple image comparator making it easy to spot faults and pass/fail inspection.


Objective Lens 0.45x 0.62x 1.0x 1.5x 2.0x
Working Distance 170 mm 112 mm 84 mm 43 mm 29 mm
Field of View at low magnification 212 mm (3x) 201 mm (3x) 61 mm (10x) 28 mm (20x) 24 mm (20x)
Field of View at max magnification (Optical zoom) 8.8 mm (45x) 10.2 mm (57x) 6.2 mm (100x) 4.2 mm (150x) 3.2 mm (165x)
Field of View at max magnification (Digital zoom) 4.4 mm (90x) 5.1 mm (114x) 3.1 mm (200x) 2.1 mm (300x) 1.6 mm (330x)

*Magnifications are for a 27” screen



Camera data 

Sensor type

CMOS 1/2,5″ 8.51 mega pixels


Ultra HD 2160p (3840 x 2160)


Autofocus or manual focus

Camera output

4K 2160p/30 fps

Camera output on computer

4K 2160p/30 fps on the PCI Express card


PC Requirements

Operating system

Windows 10



i7 or later version, 3Ghz



Graphics card with HDMI 2.0 or higher



8GB or RAM or more



Slot for additional x4 or x8 PCI Express card



Stand Options

Single arm stand

  • Ideal for larger components.
  • Stable platform with base, or can be attached directly to work surface.
  • Good freedom of movement.
  • No adapter required.

Double arm stand (with base or with clamp)

  • For applications requiring greater reach without compromising stability.
  • Easy adjustment for precise positioning and alignment.
  • No adapter required.

Multi-axis stand

  • Precise and robust. Ideal for industrial applications requiring maximum work space.
  • Integrated gas strut; adjustment is quick and effortless.
  • Extended reach (max. throat depth 439mm)

Ergo stand

  • Small footprint and exceptional stability for high magnification applications.
  • Available with floating stage option.

Bench stand

  • Compact, high stability and small footprint.
  • Integrated intensity adjustment for overhead and sub-stage lighting.

Other Accessories

  • 4K image and video recorder (for console configuration).
  • Floating Stage: for smooth and precise control. For use with Ergo stand and Bench stand only.
  • Tilting stage: for manipulation and angled orientation of subjects.



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