Vision Engineering BenchKam


Capture and share images easily

Technical Specifications

  • Exclusive to Vision Engineering
  • Easy image capture
  • Simple installation with USB plug and play
  • Maintains 3D view available through the magnifier lens
  • Image capture, sharing and streaming
  • Keeps work areas clear
  • Available in HD and Full HD version


Quick & Convenient Image Capture

Can be used for documentation, reporting and sharing with customers, suppliers and colleagues. Ultimately helping with multi-tier supply chain management.

Clear Workspace

Fitting neatly onto both the Vision Luxo Wave LED and Circus LED magnifiers, BenchKam can conveniently remain on the units, so there is no need for storing the camera separately and taking up valuable working space.


A useful tool to share a live stream with colleagues and customers. When inspecting samples, BenchKam adds new capabilities and opens doors to allow multiple people to view the subject at the same time.

BenchKam is ideal for mechanical, electronics, plastics, dental, jewellery and other precision applications.

BenchKam is easy and convenient to use and does not take up valuable workspace when stored between uses.

Compatible with all versions of Wave LED 3.5D magnifiers and Circus LED 3.5D magnifiers


Camera Data

  HD Camera Full HD Camera
Resolution HD (1280 x 720) Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Focus Autofocus Lens Autofocus Lens
Lens Plastic Glass
Cable 183cm (6 ft) 91cm (3 ft)
Connection USB 2.0 USB 2.0

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Standar Nilai

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