VC3032 Eyepiece Camera CCD

IDR 16,800,000 

VC3032 Euromex Analogue Camera

The Euromex analogue camera VC.3032 offers the perfect solution to modern microscopy for industry and laboratories where real time images are needed. This high resolution camera can be used for either biological or stereo microscopes The camera is equipped with very sensitive sensors with brightfield and darkfield applications as well for phase contrast and with coaxial illumination

Technical Specifications

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  • CCD color 473,820 pixels camera 1/2” - 470/580 lines with composite and S-video output
  • High resolution CCD camera with digital signal processor (DSP)
  • Pick-up element: 1/2” Sony CCD 795(H) x 580 (V) lines. PAL system 1/3”
  • Resolution: 470 TV lines, enhanced till 580 lines. 297,984 pixels
  • Minimum illumination: with daylight 0.3 Lux at F 1.2 – 5600 Kelvin
  • With minimal light 0.003 Lux at F 0.8 – 5,600° Kelvin
  • Objective mount: C/CS-mount with back focus adjustment
  • White balance: auto / manual (2750 -7000 K)
  • Shutter control: 1/50 – 1/100,000 second
  • Backlight compensation: On/Off-switch for AES
  • Video exit: composite (BNC) and S-video (YC)
  • Packed with transport case with cables, 3 m long, BNC/BNC, BNC/SCART (EUROSCART) and YC/YC
  • Supplied without objective

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